Most frequent questions and answers

Right now We offer only the following payment method: Paypal.

Go the this link and choose the service you need. 

It depends on the project, but usually it takes about 1 week.

We produce every genre there is!

Yes we do, but you will need to play extra, or you can provide the vocals for us.

We are producing in FL Studio, you can have the project for extra 99 USD.

Yes, you are the owner of the production and therefore you have the rights to sell it.

Yes. The contract includes all necessary information about the project, privacy and payment details.
Contract will also include “Non-disclosure agreement”.

We can’t guarantee that your track will be signed to a certain label.
But we can guarantee that your track will have all the necessary details in terms of quality to be signed on any label you desire!

We can record a video of your project and you can upload it to your social media.

A professional well-known artist in the style you specify. We can’t name them, but just for the fun of it, here is one: “Radiology” (Spinnin’ Records, Dharma Worldwide, Revealed Recordings)

Yes, contact us and we will handle all the details.

No. Please contact [email protected] to discuss potential licensing details.